Saturday, January 28, 2017

Picture Book Review: Meg and Mog by Heather Nicoll Illustrated by Jan Pienkowski

I had never heard of this book series before reading it on the list of 1001 children's books. So I went
into this picture book blind. This book is being used for 1001 children's books and the picture book challenge.

Ok so I can't really give a synopsis of this book other than Meg is a witch with a cat named Mog. Meg gets together with some witchy friends to create a spell that backfires. 

This is a small book that is a super fast read. It is meant for the youngest of the youngsters. It is a cute book that has some fun illustrations. My favorite thing would have to be when Meg is coming down the stairs they staggered the words to follow along the stairs. 

It is hard to review books like this there is rarely much content to it. This is not a beloved childhood classic for me but I know that it is for others. I enjoyed it and if I had a little toddler I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more. 

4 out of 5 stars

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