Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SOR Picture Book Review: Peppermint By Dorothy Grider Illustrated by Raymond Burns

Here it is my first SOR book review. For this one, I decided to pick something I've never heard of or read before. Thanks to OpenLibrary.org I found this cute little picture book.

Peppermint is a scrawny little cat who was born with her siblings inside of a candy shop. Each little kitten is given a sweet confectionary name and sold off one by one till all that is left is Peppermint. Poor Barabara has no cat and the school will be doing a cat show. When Mr. Dobby gives her Peppermint she is excited and can't wait to show Peppermint to her mother.

This was a cute book. I loved the illustrations but what was my favorite part was the price of the kittens... only .15 cents. That's right for .15 you could have your very own fluffy candy named kitten. You can't even get a piece of gum for .15 these days. Oh, and you have to love the candy shop owner being named Mr. Dobby (hello, fellow Potterheads). 

This is a classic book with the type of illustrations and story you would expect. It wasn't a masterpiece but it was still very enjoyable and I would read it again.

4 out of 5 stars

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