Monday, June 19, 2017

Where I've Been and Why it was All My Fault

Well hello, my little blog that I seemingly abandoned. But there is a more sinister truth. I was happily
chugging along with the April Blogging event. I had pictures and posts lined up I was excited and loved the theme I picked. Suddenly one day I felt great pressure on my chest and was having difficulty breathing. I laid down and told myself I just had to wait it out till my son was almost home from school then I'd give my hubby the call I was dreading to plead him to come home early and drive me to the ER. A few hours later I felt marginally better and chose to just ignore it. Yeah, stupid I know.

A day later I was still not feeling myself. So I went to my doctor who I admittedly hadn't seen since 2014. I, of course, got the scolding I was due. She ran an EKG and took my blood pressure. She did find anything out of the ordinary but prescribed my some meds and then talked to me about my diabetes....Several years ago I had gestational diabetes that eventually progressed to Type 2 a few years later. Yeah, I haven't um been taking care of it at all. As in candy, cakes, cookies, large bowls heaping full of pasta, french fries galore, white bread everywhere (despite the fact that I actually prefer rye). Well, you get the picture. It was a sugar and carb free for all. 

That free for all for over the last 3 years finally had caught up with me. I was in diabetic ketoacidosis aka DKA. My blood sugar right then? 501....It should have been in the 120s not in the 500s. Anything over 300 and you have to start checking for ketones in the urine. Looking back I was lucky that it took till now for this to happen. I mean how did I not go into DKA before this?!?! DKA can result in a coma or even worse death.

A trip to the hospital and a HUGE hospital bill later I've been home and doing my best to control my eating. I've had a few moments where I've been bad and spiked my BS. And they are still not in the range they need to be. Because my body has gotten used to being at a higher BS when I'm where I'm supposed to be it feels SUPER DUPER low but slowly I'm getting adjusted to it. I've been walking more and taking my meds and BS like I'm supposed to. 

This was a huge wake-up call for me. I hadn't taken care of myself for waaaay too long and now I have no other choice but to eat healthier and exercise more. I've already lost over 15 pounds (with over 100 more to go).  So the lesson here is never put off your health. Now that I'm back to myself I plan on blogging again.

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