Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer of Reading!!

Welcome to the Summer of Reading aka SOR. I've decided to spend this summer devouring as many Children's books as I can get my hands on. That means about 3-7 books a day!! Old, new, never read before, always wanted to read, childhood favorites etc! 

While this will mostly be picture books there may also be some early readers and middle-grade books. I'm so excited and looking forward to this. Over two months of reading should guarantee that I'll find plenty of books to love and cherish forever. I'll be using Netgalley, Openlibrary.org, my local library, Amazon free books and books I already own to find books to read. 

Got any books you think I should read? Some childhood favorites or newer favorites? Are you an author or illustrator and have a review copy of your book you'd like me to review? Let me know in the comments or send me an email. Requests and suggestions in no way influence my reviews and I'm always honest about what I like or don't like about a book.

Books Read: 9

1. Peppermint- June 27, 2017

2. Pigg's Eggs- June 27, 2017
3. The Elephant and the Bad Baby June 27, 2017
4. The Duck in the Gun-  June 28, 2017
5. Benji & The 24 Pound Banana Squash - June 28, 2017 
6. Argyle Fox - June 28, 2017
7. Little Detectives at School- June 29, 2017
8. The Enormous Crocodile - June 29, 2017
9. When a Wolf is Hungry - June 30, 2017
10. Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone- Read July 7, 2017

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